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Sourcing Services

Sourcing Services

Forartech’s range of sourcing services seems comprehensive and tailored to address the specific challenges that clients in North America and Europe might face when considering sourcing components from India. Here’s a breakdown of how each service can benefit potential clients:

1. Rapid prototyping: This service can expedite the product development process, allowing clients to quickly iterate and refine their designs before full-scale production.

2. Identifying potential suppliers: Forartech’s expertise in the Indian market can help clients find reliable suppliers that meet their specific requirements in terms of quality, cost, and capacity.

3. Supplier evaluation, onsite and offsite: Thorough evaluation of suppliers ensures that clients can make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with sourcing from unfamiliar markets.

4. Sourcing quotes, comparative analysis: Obtaining competitive quotes and conducting comparative analysis enables clients to make cost-effective sourcing decisions without compromising on quality.

5. Development of QA plans: Tailored quality assurance plans ensure that the sourced components meet the desired quality standards consistently.

6. Facilitating source inspection: This ensures that the quality of the components meets the client’s expectations before shipment, minimizing the risk of receiving defective or substandard parts.

7. Chemical and/or mechanical analysis: Additional testing and analysis provide further assurance of the quality and suitability of the sourced components for the client’s application.

8. Ensuring seaworthy packaging: Proper packaging is essential to protect components during transit and minimize the risk of damage, particularly for overseas shipments.

9. Diverse sourcing experience: Forartech’s experience across various types of components and industries, including aerospace and machine tool manufacturing, demonstrates their capability to handle diverse sourcing requirements.

Overall, Forartech’s comprehensive suite of sourcing services, combined with their strategic location and expertise in the Indian market, positions them as a valuable partner for clients seeking cost-effective and high-quality component sourcing solutions.

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