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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

There is no dearth of data pouring into an organization today. Web based solutions are capturing purchase orders round the clock, update on materials coming from a supplier are available in near real-time thru shipment tracking, sales data from retail shelves are coming in at almost the speed of cash register and customer feedback, both good and not-so-good, is coming from all directions, including the all-powerful social media. How quickly and efficiently an organization can parse thru all the data to convert them into useful trends and patterns that its leaders can use to make strategic decisions determine the competitiveness of an organization.

A good Business Intelligence solution can translate all the data an organization generates, receives and collects into the language of business – bottom line, topline, upward, downward, delighted consumers, frustrated customers, positive cash flow, disconcerting days sales outstanding, among other vital information. At Forar we help clients harness the power of Business Intelligence using tools from Microsoft, SAP, Tableau and Power BI, among others. Offerings include,

  • Development of Dashboards and Reports
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Integration Service
  • Analytics – Social and Predictive Analytics
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