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SaaS App Development

SaaS App Development

The emergence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a business model has garnered significant attention in recent years, representing a major advancement in the global business landscape. Its popularity stems from its ability to streamline operations while enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Within our SaaS Application Development Services, we specialize in creating innovative products designed to delight clients and equip them with transformative capabilities. This enables enterprises to scale rapidly without sacrificing quality. 

Our SaaS product development process maintains a steadfast focus on prioritizing your clients’ needs throughout every stage of development.

Essential features required for any SaaS solution

Some of the critical features in any SaaS app.

Multi-tenancy Model – Tenants access the SaaS application through the same interface but have individualized experiences tailored to their specific needs and permissions. This approach fosters collaboration and flexibility among users while maintaining data isolation and security. Furthermore, the multi-tenancy model promotes easier scalability as the SaaS provider can efficiently accommodate new tenants without significant infrastructure changes, ensuring seamless growth and adaptation to evolving user demands.

Subscription  –  This is a prevalent model in Software as a Service (SaaS), where customers pay a recurring fee at regular intervals, typically monthly or annually, to access and use the software. This approach offers flexibility for users, as they can scale their subscription according to their needs, while providing predictable revenue streams for SaaS providers

Single Sign On –  A Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method in SaaS grants users the convenience of utilizing a unified set of credentials and login process to access various interconnected SaaS systems. 

Availability –  Availability in SaaS refers to the assurance that the service is accessible and operational for users whenever they require it, typically measured as a percentage of uptime over a specific period. This ensures that users can reliably access the SaaS platform and its functionalities without experiencing significant downtime or disruptions. High availability is crucial for maintaining user satisfaction, productivity, and trust in the service.

Data Security –  Data security in SaaS is crucial, employing encryption, access controls, and compliance standards to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or breaches. Regular audits and updates ensure ongoing security measures, fostering user trust in the platform’s integrity. A typical data model design include defining the Data Storage model like Silo or Shared data source.

Why you will choose us

Forar Capabilities in SaaS 

Skilled Resource – Our Team has rich experience in designing SaaS level products for customer and have great experience in brining SaaS product ideas to real product. 

Built in SaaS Library –  With extensive experience, our team has developed a robust knowledge management system and a library of SaaS components. These components are designed for reusability and can be seamlessly integrated into rapid application development processes.

Help customer in decision –  Based on customer ecosystem our team can help customer to decide the tenant provider, SaaS data model, SaaS implementation approach, 3rd party integration like Payment provider and many more.

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