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Application Integration and DevOps

Introduction on DevOps

Software development and IT teams’ processes may be automated and integrated using DevOps, a collection of practices, tools, and cultural principles. It strongly emphasizes team empowerment, cross-team communication and collaboration, and technological automation. By utilizing DevOps solutions in Pune, you will be able to enjoy shorter and more controllable iterations with the use of modern technologies, automation, and best practices.

A good Business Intelligence solution can translate all the data an organization generates, receives and collects into the language of business – bottom line, topline, upward, downward, delighted consumers, frustrated customers, positive cash flow, disconcerting days sales outstanding, among other vital information. At Forar we help clients harness the power of Business Intelligence using tools from Microsoft, SAP, Tableau and Power BI, among others. Offerings include,

Key to our DevOps Consulting Services Pune

Forar Tech llc embraces the DevOps as a Service model, emphasizing communication, collaboration, integration, and automation of development, IT, and business processes. We use industry-standard methods, tools, resources, and ecosystems to offer end-to-end DevOps Services for businesses ranging from fledgling startups to established enterprises, allowing them to increase the speed, accuracy, and quality of their product development and service delivery cycles, encouraging DevOps Services in Pune.

As a DevOps Solution Providers Pune, the following are the DevOps Solutions that are offered by us.

Continuous Integration

We integrate Continuous Integration into your delivery processes by continuously integrating code and updating change requests into a centralized repository, allowing us to spot problems earlier, deliver faster, and focus more on new innovations. The following are some benefits of continuous integration:

  • Build Process Consistency
  • Easy Maintenance and Updates
  • Improved Communication
  • Increase Transparency and Accountability
  • Cost Savings from Fewer Outages
  • Errors and Manual Tasks
  • Reliable, High-Performing Releases
  • Shorter Delivery Cycles

Continuous Delivery

We automate the building, testing, and preparing of code modifications for release to the production system. The Continuous Delivery engineering approach makes software release more secure and reliable. The advantages of Continuous Delivery are the following.

  • Improved visibility and traceability
  • Shorter time to market
  • Higher quality releases
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Less reliance on operations
  • Low-risk releases

Continuous Monitoring

The integrated set of DevOps tools for monitoring log operations has the capability of streamlining applications, increasing visibility and productivity, achieving high performance, and establishing cross-functional communication. The advantages of Continuous Monitoring are as follows.

  • Improved decision-making ability
  • Instant Feedback
  • Risk minimization
  • Resource optimization
  • User happiness
  • User productivity

Continuous Testing

We Utilize test management tools to easily build and perform automated functional, regression, compliance and load tests at each stage of the delivery process. The following are the advantages.

  • Allows for faster release cycles and higher-quality code.
  • A dependable and consistent testing procedure.
  • Removes the bottleneck in testing
  • Enhances test coverage
  • Improved user experience
  • Lowers the cost of defects
  • Matrix of Traceability

DevOps Tools and Platforms

A genuine DevOps-as-services in the USA enables teams to iterate faster and innovate together. MicroGenesis is a DevOps platform that helps enterprises to maximize their return by delivering software more quickly and efficiently while also increasing security and compliance. As a leading DevOps consulting firm in the USA, we employ best-in-class DevOps, continuous integration, and rapid delivery methodologies.

DevOps Services

Application Integration

The multiple stages of the IT lifecycle were smoothly connected by MicroGenesis Application Integration Services with API & Middleware integration using a single-thread delivery method and an operational architecture that aligns activities across IT services and the technological landscape. Our Integrated Services & SOA professionals use specialized industrialized frameworks to build platform solutions for particular industries. The time to market is shortened by up to 20% with this method, and the ability to react to market changes is improved. We follow,

  • Enhanced adaptability through business process reorganization and reconfiguration
  • Top-notch tools and accelerators for data translation, testing, and interface development
  • A flexible architecture with mature SOA that avoids vendor lock-in

Application Maintenance

To maximize the return on your investment in your application portfolio, take advantage of our whole lifecycle of application management and support services. In order to boost corporate productivity, our service packages maximize performance by up to 60% while prolonging the lifespan of software systems. Our digital generation support model works to streamline the landscape of your upstream IT services and boost the general effectiveness of your company’s operations. The major advantages are as follows.

  • 60% improved application quality and 50% more effective application management.
  • A command structure and incident management action plan can cut the average time for resolution by 50%.
  • Complete application portfolio coverage, including both bespoke and ERP applications

Modernization of Applications

Our end-to-end services for the modernization of the apps and accelerated cloud adoption enables you to leverage the benefits and innovation of mobility and cloud to gain a significant competitive advantage. We assist you in retaining the value of vital business data by leveraging the newest REST, SOA, and CI/CD principles, such as, Containerization, BI, Microservices, DevOps, Analytics, and Cloud platforms. To better match systems with business demands, we employ major cloud-based platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, and others, as well as a proven delivery approach. The advantages are listed below.

  • A 20% cost savings when replacing or retiring legacy systems
  • A 30% decrease in maintenance costs
  • Platformization strategy to boost performance by 10%
  • High component dependability and reusability.
  • CI/CD simplified integration and deployment.

Dedicated Team and Continuous Support

Dedicated and knowledgeable professionals aid at all installation and support stages.

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