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Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Application modernization entails the process of revitalizing outdated applications and platforms to enhance their speed, reliability, and profitability once more.

A range of Application Modernization Approaches are available for application to your modernization project. Depending on project requirements, you can opt for a specific approach or employ a combination of several approaches. These can be applied to either certain parts of your system or the entire system itself.

Regardless of the chosen option, selecting an App Modernization Approach is a critical decision that will influence the project’s scope of work, timeline, and budget as a whole.

Approach for App Modernization

The following are the most common Cloud Application Modernization Approaches:

Rehost Approach

Also known as the “lift-and-shift” approach, this involves migrating applications AS IS, without implementing any cloud optimizations. It’s ideal for situations where migration needs to be swift.

Relocate Approach

This approach is used when apps, data, and operations need to be moved to a cloud environment without further modifications. For example, relocating existing cloud infrastructure to a different AWS Region or AWS account.

Replatform Approach

Suited for scenarios where there’s no need to alter application logic and architecture significantly. The Replatform approach involves migrating on-premises databases and application servers to fully managed AWS cloud services and/or platforms, providing tangible benefits.

Refactor Approach

Best for situations requiring the re-architecture of existing applications to add new features and meet business needs in terms of scale and reliability. The refactor approach is highly beneficial, leveraging modern technology and cloud-native features.

Application modernization has several benefits, including enhanced agility, scalability, availability and business enablement. It streamlines processes, optimizes infrastructure and aligns applications with evolving business objectives, ultimately driving growth and success.

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