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CAE Services

CAE Services

Forartech Is a Dynamic Engineering Firm at The Forefront of Structural, Thermal, And Vibration Analysis, As Well As Kinematics, Crash, And Mold Flow Simulation. Our Expertise Extends to Durability and Fatigue Life Prediction, Ensuring the Longevity and Reliability of Critical Components. With Advanced Tools and Methodologies, We Conduct Comprehensive FEM Mesh Generation to Accurately Model Complex Structures and Systems. Our Integrated Approach to Analysis and Simulation Enables Us to Deliver Innovative Solutions Tailored to Meet the Most Demanding Engineering Challenges.

Structural Analysis: Forartech utilizes advanced modelling techniques to assess the impact of loads on physical structures and components, ensuring their fitness for purpose through rigorous analysis.

Thermal Analysis: Forartech excels in evaluating the time and temperature conditions governing physical transformations during heating or cooling processes, enabling informed decision-making in diverse applications.

Vibration Analysis: Forartech specializes in analysing the vibration behaviour of structures and systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Kinematics Analysis: Forartech employs sophisticated methodologies to analyse the motion of mechanisms and systems, ensuring optimal design and performance.

Crash Analysis: Forartech conducts detailed crash simulations to assess the structural integrity and safety performance of components and systems.

Durability & Fatigue Life Prediction: Forartech predicts the durability and fatigue life of components and structures, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Mold Flow Simulation: Forartech utilizes Mold flow simulation to optimize the design and manufacturing of plastic components, ensuring quality and efficiency.

FEM Mesh Generation: Forartech employs advanced techniques to generate Finite Element Method (FEM) meshes, enabling accurate modelling of complex structures and systems.

Flow balancing in Flue gas Distribution in duct Network

Scope: modify the inlet sizes, orientation and position of branch ducts for the given Transport Speed to achieve desired CFM and Backpressure

Outcome: desired airflow of above 13000 CFM is achieved at every burner inlets

Duct Analysis (FEA)

Scope: Structural Behavior for the given pressure and Depression

Outcome: Stress and Deformation

Electrostatic Precipitator

Scope: Flow optimization study

Outcome: Adding Baffles and Straightening vanes reduce recirculation and improves the Air flow pattern.

Condenser – Fatigue Analysis (FEA)

Scope: structural Behavior for the given load, predict lifespan and Preventing Failure.

Outcome: Stress (von-misses Stress) and Deformation (displacement plot) life cycle.

Duct Analysis (CFD)

Scope: Flow analysis, Particle modeling, Flow optimization by introduction of guide vanes

Outcome: Flow uniformity, Pressure drop

FE Analysis Robot pedestal & End pedestal

Scope: To Analyze the Stress & Deformation Plot in Robot Pedestals

Outcome: Stress Analysis, Deformation Plots, Factor of Safety

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