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Supply Chain Management

Inventory Inspection on a Conveyor Belt with a Tablet

The difference in time it takes to shop and check out products from a retail store shelf and the time it takes for a product to reach consumers’ door after clicking ‘buy’ online is slowly but surely declining. Managing Supply Chain optimally and efficiently has never been more critical; sustaining market share and survival of the enterprise depends on it. Clients across North America have benefited immensely from the Supply Chain expertise our leadership has delivered to Apparel, Food, Wholesale, Retail, D2C, 3PL and Health Care industries. Expertise includes

  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Transportation Management (TM)
  • Labor Management (LM)
  • Slotting

Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) offerings include

  • Strategizing and architecting SCM solutions
  • Installing, configuring, customizing, implementing best of breed SCM software
  • Integrating SCM solutions with back-end and third party systems
  • Upgrading and enhancing SCM solutions
  • Affordable iSeries based WMS and TMS solution