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Staffing Services


For the most part, Staffing today has been reduced to downloading as many resumes as possible in the quickest possible time from all the job sites and dumping them into a Hiring Manager’s inbox. At Forar, we believe in understanding the need intimately, taking the time to know each candidate, assessing skill level in the desired technology or tool, experience with similar industry or type of project, cultural compatibility with client’s organization and ability to understand and articulate thoughts clearly. If the client desires, we even pre-screen every single candidate using client’s own questionnaire and attach the responses to the resume at the time of submittal.

Whether it is getting resources experienced with the very latest in technology out there or only those who can be a part of an ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) project or resources with multi-lingual capabilities willing to travel internationally, our clients are surprised at how we can consistently make their life easy without breaking the bank.