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CAD CAE PLM Services

Reverse Engineering

When a CAD model of a part or component is not available, engineering cannot optimize the design or use it in an assembly elsewhere and procurement cannot provide precise specifications to solicit competitive quotes from external suppliers. Reverse engineering solves this dilemma but doing it in-house is labor intensive, cost prohibitive and limited by available tools. Forar has vast reverse engineering experience and laser scanning tools at its development center in Asia to provide cost-effective alternative. Offering includes

  • Creating CAD data from master parts
  • Conversion of point cloud data (laser scan data) into fully parametric 3D CAD models
  • Creation of production quality drawings from the 3D models
  • 3-D shape capture for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis
  • Rapid prototyping input
  • Class “A” surface creation
  • IGES or STEP file repair – surface stitching and repair
  • Laser scanning can also be utilized for,
    • CAD to physical part comparison
    • Tool and die verification
    • Validate 3D free form surface measurement of complex parts


Water Cooled Cylinder Head

Housing Component

Rotor Component