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Engagement Models

Every enterprise has core competencies that define the products it offers its customers. From time to time, core functions that support core competencies evolve and change. Agile organizations foresee coming changes, motivate in-house personnel to step-up and outsource non-core functions to partners without increasing internal headcount. With the right partner budgets will remain in check and productivity will suffer nary a dip.

EngaugementModel_DiagramAt Forar we understand and respect the unique culture of our client. We recognize trust and confidence has to be earned the old fashioned way; thru hard work and sincere dedication. We believe there is no one right way for the most productive relationship. We have the capability, experience and resources to work alongside onsite, offsite, offshore or a combination of any of these models. We are open to working on Fixed Fee or Time and Material (T&M) basis with SLA (Service Level Agreement). We will invest in a relationship to build capabilities that support the unique needs of a client.

Our number one goal is to become a seamless part of our clients’ organization and looking for ways to deliver more value than expected of us. Talk to us, you’ll be glad you did.