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Complex Castings and VLA

Forar brings rich experience in complex casting modeling and mold flow analysis utilizing various CAD systems and handling VLA (Very Large Assemblies).

One methodology followed in modeling complex castings is to divide the model into small portions to mold or pattern split including cores. A part-control-assembly brings the parametric relationship among parts. Actual manufacturing of casting part is simulated, drafts and rounds are given to all parts including cores and pattern parts, any serious change in thickness due to draft requirement, can be detected early. Advantages include,

  • Time reduction – methodology allows multiple people to work on the same complex component simultaneously
  • Many modeling difficulties can be solved using surface method and proper model split
  • Part or drawing file can be opened independently. Assembly need not to be in memory
  • Final casting/finish part size is small. Faster regeneration in assembly



Representative sample of complex castings and large assemblies handled include:

  • Developing casting parts for agritech / farming equipment and tractors
  • Developing complex casting parts for ship engines and machining centers
  • Resolving issues in pattern and cores by simulating manufacturing process in CAD
  • Fixing Top Vehicle Assemblies (TVA) inconsistencies of fork lift trucks
  • Development of Wiring Harness Design (WHD), schematic, 3D routing, group drawing for the engine and entire material handling equipment
  • Piping modeling for Ship engine


Electrical Assembly

Material Handling Equipment

Engine Assembly