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CAD CAE PLM Services

CAE Services

Dynamic Stress and Position & Draft Mechanism

Relentless pressure to optimize design and squeeze costs out without compromising quality or functionality is forcing R&D organizations to relook at every component that goes into a product. Good news is that CAE softwares today can virtually simulate most load conditions saving precious R&D time and the high cost of running a lab. Forar has deep expertise with software such as ADAMS and ANSYS to provide following services

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Structural/Thermal analysis
  • Modal/Vibration analysis
  • Dynamic/Kinematics analysis
  • Crash analysis
  • Noise analysis
  • Durability and Fatigue life predication
  • Mold flow simulation / analysis
  • FEM Mesh generation


Forar can provide solutions in the following areas based on design study

  • Design validation
  • Identify weak spots
  • Field failure solutions
  • Design optimization


Wiper CFD Analysis

Dash Board Crash Analysis

Rattle Noise Analysis