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CAD CAE PLM Services

CAD Customization

The features and functionality offered by a CAD software out-of-the-box meets most client’s needs. Customizing the same CAD software to the unique needs of an enterprise can offer significant productivity boost and enforce company standard compliance. Forar offers,

  • Tailoring standard CAD software by writing custom code
  • Integrating custom applications with basic package
  • Design automate,
    • Customer and order related drawings
    • Product selection
    • Generating design variants
    • Base driven designs
    • Combining design calculations and 3D modeling
    • Special parts libraries


Development of Glue Blender assembly with a layout, to control various size and options, for automatic generation of various components in the assembly along with production quality drawings

Development of feeder assembly for a wooden panel manufacturing machinery. The configuration of the assembly is controlled by a layout design.

Development of camshaft 3D model (assembly) and production quality drawings based on the input values from a layout table.