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About Us

Company Goals

A client has plenty of choice in choosing their partner. They can benchmark and shortlist prospective partners on a number of criterion and still end up with a long list of potential suitors. Ultimately a client chooses a partner not because they offered the lowest cost or gave the best power point presentation, but because the partners’ value system best resonates with their own organizations. At Forar, we are guided by following simple goals,

  • We win only when our client wins
  • Promise what is possible, deliver what was promised
  • Meet or exceed expectation thru compelling value
  • Be curious, acquire new skills, knowledge is power
  • Have integrity and be ethical, everything else is secondary
  • Its human to make mistakes, take responsibility, learn from it, don’t repeat
  • Passionately support causes like the fight against Multiple Sclerosis
  • Get involved with the next generation thru activities like high school robotics
  • Have fun, take pride in what you do every single day